Sunday, November 3, 2013

Updated Parenting List

This morning I posted this list of things every child should learn. Here are some updates, courtesy of Facebook commenters.

  • My cousin Zviah pointed out that I got the whole idea from the Talmud, which says that every child should learn to read, learn a trade, and learn to swim. 
  • From Heather, I'm adding change a tire and pump gas
  • Crick wants me to add grocery shopping. I'm just adding that to "cook a meal." While I think it's great for everyone to learn lots about produce, and my own kid works in our garden and accompanies us to the farmer's market frequently, I don't think it's absolutely necessary, beyond what one needs to cook the things one knows how to cook.
  • From Devon, I'm adding vote, hold a baby, and make a budget. 
  • Another comment from Devon made me realize I had left out reading. Reading! Of course. It's one of the original three, after all. 
I'm going to go back and update the original list. Thanks for the comments!

1 comment:

  1. Liam learned how to change a light fixture this weekend. a good skill to have.