Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions, 'cause what did you expect?

Here are my New Year's Resolutions:

1) Write every day, even if it's just a short piece, or a conversation with my pets. I'm not promising it will always be good, but I'm really going to try to write every day, because it makes me feel good, and sometimes, like with the adoption pieces I wrote this week, it helps me sort out some important stuff. Please check in often, and tell your friends because it's a lot more fun to write when you feel like someone is reading what you've written.

2) Fight for what's important. For me, that's women's rights, especially sexual freedom, and the rights of children, which this year I think will focus on gun control and education. And, of course, Russian adoption. Not only are these things that mean a lot to me, they are things I might be able to impact through my writing. I hope you'll fight with me.

3) Take care of myself. We all need to exercise more and eat better. I'll try to do that, but I'm specifically going to try to do more fun, active things that involve Boo and Wonderdog. The only way I'll keep exercising is if it's fun, and having Boo and/or Wonderdog along makes most things more fun. Plus, I'll feel extra-good if I'm taking good care of my dog and teaching Boo good habits. And hopefully, doing fun and interesting things will provide me with fun, interesting things to write about. Bonus!

I think that's enough for one year, and soon Hopper will be home with our New Year's Eve sushi. Happy New Year, everyone! May 2013 be a productive, peaceful and healthy year for us all.


  1. Happy New Year to you, Hopper and Boo! (oh and wonderdog too!)

  2. Thanks, Andy! Same to you and yours!