Saturday, April 6, 2013

Conversations With Cat and Wonderdog

Cat: Hi.

Me: Hi, Cat!

Cat: Whatcha doin'?

Me: I'm framing Wonderdog's awards. It's kind of tricky work because if I don't do it exactly right the certificate won't fit in the frame, so I'm being VERY CAREFUL.

Cat: I'll help by walking on them!

Me: Aaaaaaaaargh!


Me: Look, Wonderdog! I'm hanging up our award certificates that we got because you're such a smart dog!

Wonderdog: I like to be around when you do stuff.

Me: See, first I hold up the frame to see where I want to put the nail.

Me: Then I hold up the nail and hammer it in.

Wonderdog: Alert! Alert! I hear knocking! Someone's at the door! Guard dog on the case! Alert!

Me: SUCH a smart dog. [sigh]


Cat: Whatcha doing now?

Me: I'm knitting.

Cat: How 'bout I sit on your face?

Me: Murmur murmur can't see.

Cat: No good? I'll sit on your shoulder!

Me: What are you, a parrot?

Cat: Purrrrrrr.....

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