Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Serge and The Doctor

I just finished reading Electric Barracuda by Tim Dorsey. If you're not familiar with Tim Dorsey, he writes awesome novels about Florida. His main character, Serge Storm, is a serial killer who kills bad guys (sexual predators, misogynists, bankers) in all sorts of creative ways.

Serge also sincerely loves Florida and its history. And he delights in enjoying life--playing on a playground, collecting shells at the beach, swimming in a swimming hole--in a way that the non-crazy just can't.

Aside from the serial killer part, he reminds me a lot of the 11th Doctor. Some of the lines The Doctor has been saying lately (Bunk beds are cool! A bed with a ladder? You can't beat that!) could come out of Serge's mouth. I shudder to think what Serge would do with a TARDIS.

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