Monday, July 8, 2013

Shade Walk

I've been trying to exercise more recently, and this heat is making it hard. So this morning I took Wonderdog on a Shade Walk.

Rules for a Shade Walk

1. Get your dog and go for a walk.

2. When you come to an intersection, choose the shadier route.


*If you are carrying a bag of dog poop, you may choose the route that takes you to the nearest public trash can. (Always clean up after your pets!)

*When you're done, just plan the shadiest route home you can think of and take it.

Wonderdog and I used this method and took about a 40-minute walk. That's a lot more than either of us has had recently (well, since Thursday) and it was already pretty roasty by the time we dropped Boo off at camp. At least this way he'll be able to get by with just two little "business" walks in the afternoon and evening. We don't want our Wonderdog to get heat stroke.

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