Friday, August 30, 2013

Please give if you can

This is something I find unbelievable. The anti-abortion crazies in Kansas seem to think they can do whatever they want--murder people, ruin lives--and the law isn't doing anything to stop them.

I mean, come on. A TEN YEAR OLD GIRL SHOULD NOT BE CARRYING A PREGNANCY TO TERM! I live with an almost ten year old girl. A pregnancy would destroy her body. These people claim to care about children, but I guess they only care about the ones who don't get raped and impregnated.

I can't even comprehend a doctor who can think of a situation in which a ten year old can carry a pregnancy to term and it would be healthy. Even in Elizabethan times they let girls wait until they were thirteen or so before they got married.

I'm so upset by this I'm at a loss to create a good argument. If you can, please donate to this doctor (follow the link at the top of the post.) We've got to show her and other doctors that there are sane people out there who will support them.

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