Sunday, February 24, 2013

Big Plans

I mentioned in this post that Boo wanted to move rooms from the room she has slept in since she was a baby to the room we're currently using as an office. Well, we're getting close to the move date, if Hopper follows through on his plans to pack up the file cabinet this week, and I'm getting excited.

The room we're currently using as an office (we'll call it the white room) is one of the reasons I wanted to buy our house. It's got two closets flanking a window at one end, and two built-ins flanking the window at the other end. If I were a kid, it's the room I would want for myself. Boo's room (we'll call it the pink room) is bigger, closer to our bedroom, and square, which is why it's been a good bedroom for her until now. It has more space to play in than the white room, but that's what will make it a really nice family room.

Now that we have a second TV, we can put it in the pink room and with the futon that's currently in the white room, it will be a nice place to sit and watch if the living room is occupied, or if Boo wants to watch a movie with a friend. We should also have room to put some kind of desk in there which will make it a nice place for Boo to do her homework, or Hopper to do grading when he has a lot of papers he needs to spread out.

Hopefully, next weekend will be the time. And if Hopper doesn't do the file cabinet, I'll be able to shame him on the interwebz. In the spirit of fair-play, I'm also going to publicly commit to picking up a few more boxes tomorrow and finish packing up the brown bookshelves before Saturday.

One more note for those keeping score--I've now exercised four days in a row!


  1. Way to go on making it to day 4! And a room move is very exciting! We just did that for Liam last summer, but his was a surprise. Does Boo get to pick colours/decor ideas for the new room?

  2. I remember your room renovation for Liam. It was amazing. Boo isn't getting anything like that, we're just moving her stuff into the other room. She got her room painted a few years ago, which is part of the motivation for the move--pink isn't cool anymore. :-)