Saturday, February 9, 2013


When I was a kid we had a big storm that resulted in a foot or more of snow. My parents were shoveling our front walk and our driveway while my brother and I played in the snow. Mom and Dad had created two huge mounds of snow near the street, and Brother got the idea to tunnel through it to make a shelter we could crawl into. We built a fence in front of it too.

I was terrified to go inside the shelter--afraid that the whole mound of snow (which I remember as being taller than my dad) would collapse on me while I was inside. I can't remember whether I got up the courage to go inside or not.

The tunnel Brother dug was big enough for Dad to go inside--I remember him being in there.

I also stood on top of the mound. I remember the thrill of being up high and looking down at my parents while they worked at their shoveling.

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  1. We have more than enough snow here to do that.... I should give it a try. Of course I would be in a panic the whole time that it would collapse on Liam's head (cause ain't no way I'd be gettin' in it!)