Monday, February 25, 2013

If I ran the world

Today after school I took Boo to get some boxes, and then I packed up some books while she did her homework. After that, she really wanted to get some work done on the move, so I told her we could move the contents of the closets.

We worked for a solid hour or more and got all three closets emptied, cleaned and the contents swapped to their new locations.

After that, we had a half hour or so before dinner, so I continued teaching Boo to play cribbage, which we had started last night.

If I ran the world, Boo's homework for this week would be planning and executing the move and learning to play cribbage. She'd be practicing responsibility, organization, hard work, planning, strategic thinking, math and social skills. Output could include a list of ways to make 15 and 31 from the cards in a deck (necessary for scoring in cribbage), written plans for the move, and pictures of the completed rooms.

Oh, and a win/loss chart for the games she played over the week. That would be a way for the teachers to count how much time she spent on her homework, and she'd enjoy it since nine-year-olds are really into winning and losing.

But we can't have kids spending their time that way. How would we write the tests?

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