Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Start

What with all the holidays, my anniversary, Hopper's birthday (three times), Valentine's Day and vacation, I'm growing out of my clothes. Since I hate clothes shopping and giving up chocolate is not an option, I decided a few days ago that I really need to start exercising.

Today, I did it. I was going to walk Wonderdog while Boo was out with a friend, but it's really cold out, so I sent Hopper out into the cold, put my Dancing on Broadway game into the Wii, and did ten dances.

Now I'm sore, but I have that nice feeling inside, like my heart is saying, "Yaay!" And now I can lie on the couch with the cat on my chest without any guilt, because I did about forty-five minutes of aerobic exercise today.

Of course, the trick is to do it again tomorrow. I usually, find, though, that the first week of exercise is pretty rewarding--my body tends to respond by tightening everything up so I see immediate results in the first week. But after that first week, I generally don't see anything change at all until my metabolism shifts, which takes me about three months to accomplish. That third month is a bitch.

But for now, I can enjoy being sore and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Anyway--it's a start.

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