Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cats belong inside

This is yet another post inspired by the Wheaton family, but it's not about games or Star Trek or nerdiness.

It's about cats.

I feel really strongly that cats should be kept indoors. So does the Humane Society. For evidence, let's just look at what I've read on Twitter of the Wheaton Family experience over the past little while. You can follow them, too: Wil is @wilw, Anne is @annewheaton, and two of their pets have Twitter accounts. Watson is @wilwheatons_cat and Marlowe is @marlowewheaton.

A couple of months ago, their beloved cat Luna was lost for two days. She was finally found in a neighbor's shed where she had been accidentally locked in for possibly the entire time she was gone.

Yesterday, Anne tweeted

Took dogs on a walk, came home to find a single feather on Luna's head. Found 50 more and a finch body behind my bedroom door. So. Yucky.

Yucky is the least of your problems if you happen to be the finch.

And today, this:

  1. I'd like to say that my dogs like the dog treats I made for them, but they eat cat shit daily, so maybe I shouldn't be too proud of myself.
  2.  Dunno where your cat box is, but baby gates work wonders for ending "What did the cat leave me this time" behavior by the dogs.
  They like to go in the dirt outside so it's like a treasure hunt for Marlowe.

That's three problems (for the Wheatons--a lot more problems for the birds) that could be solved by keeping the cats indoors. And that's just what has happened to them lately. That they've tweeted.

And that leaves out cats being killed by cars, cat abusers or other animals, or just getting sick and hiding where you can't find them. It also leaves out your cats pooping in other people's sandboxes, caterwauling outside someone else's window at 4AM, or dying on someone else's property and leaving them with a cat carcass to deal with.

Be a good neighbor.
Be good to the environment.
Be good to your cats.

Keep them inside.

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