Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lady Parts (contains technical terms that some people find uncomfortable)

Dear Moms of Girls,

Please teach your daughter the right words for her anatomy. Nothing drives me more crazy than women who confuse vulvas with vaginas. The vagina is inside your body. The part you can see is your vulva: simple as that. You don't call your lips your throat, do you?

This is important, and not just because it drives nerds like me nuts. There are reasons to know the parts of your anatomy. For example, we all know it's not good to put soap or harsh chemicals in our vaginas. (Douching messes up your vaginal flora, ladies: don't do it!) If you think that your vulva is actually your vagina, you might conclude that you shouldn't wash your vulva. Yuck! And also, dangerous! You could get an infection if you don't properly clean your vulva. But first you'll be smelly because you're dirty, and nobody wants to have smelly lady parts.

So moms, let's all agree now to teach our daughters the right words for their body parts. That way, they can grow up believing that their lady parts are just as important as the rest of their bodies.

Thank you,

The Jewmanista


  1. Great information! I'll take it one further and say that mother's of sons should also teach their boys proper lady part names (even when they make gagging noise and go ewww and iiiik!)

  2. You're right, and of course dads should be involved in this too. But it's one thing for men to be ignorant about women's bodies. There's just no excuse for women to be ignorant about our own bodies.