Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Only want to knit

I don't want to write, I only want to knit. My current project is a potato chip scarf made from this really beautiful wool-blend yarn I got at Michael's. I can't even describe how beautiful it is--it's thin but fuzzy and it changes colors. So far it's been purple and green and brown and orange, and the colors blend together in a really lovely way. I guess because it's real wool, and the different colors have been spun together so there are very few parts of the yarn that are only one color, and when they transition you end up with two or three colors blended in one part of the yarn.

It's not the easiest yarn to knit with, because it tends to catch on itself, but it's so beautiful and it keeps changing, so I'm constantly excited to keep knitting so that I can see what beautiful color combination will come out of the yarn ball next.

This is going to be a really beautiful scarf. My mom is going to try and steal it.

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