Sunday, May 26, 2013

Circles and more circles

This morning I saw this on Facebook, from my friend Erin who is raising money to help Barbara Garcia, who is the woman who found her dog in the rubble of her house in Moore, OK.

If anyone knows how I can reach John Barrowman, I'd love to join forces. He's trying to help Barbara as well, and is not answering tweets or emails.
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So I Google John Barrowman and decide I don't care who he is. He's some actor and then it turns out he's helping Erin raise money, so that's a good thing.

Then this afternoon I check in on the Wheatons on Twitter and I see this:

Also, John Barrowman held my hand on the way back into the building because we were using the Buddy System and it was magical.

The best part about evacuating convention center is Wil dropping my hand like a hot potato to hold 's hand walking back in.

. and I'm with him now...

So I Google John Barrowman and I'm all, "Didn't I already Google John Barrowman today?" And I totally did. Only THIS time, I'm all, "Why is he at ComicCon?" So I look more closely and find out he's Captain Jack from Doctor Who, which is actually quite cool indeed.

And THEN we were watching Doctor Who on Netflix, and The Doctor makes a Back to the Future reference, and I've just watched ALL THREE of those movies in the past week with Boo. And John Barrowman wasn't even in the episode.

It's getting freaky around here. Freaky, I tell you.

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