Monday, May 27, 2013

New Directions

It's probably about time I announced that I have retired from teaching Religious School.

About time, right?

I was planning to announce it last Sunday, which was officially my last day, but I was busy getting ready to officiate at a funeral so I missed the whole day and it seemed rather self-absorbed to be talking about my retirement when Hopper had just lost his grandmother.

So I'm announcing it now.

I have retired from Religious School and I intend to spend my newfound free time researching Humanism more thoroughly. I will check out some Humanist congregations in my area (actually, I think there's only one, but I'll check it out) and I'll also find out about some learning opportunities that will help me study Humanism in more depth. Ultimately, I hope to become a Humanist Officiant so that I can be licensed to perform weddings, funerals, baby namings and coming of age ceremonies.

So I guess I started on my new "career" a bit earlier than I expected. Anyway, I think I was helpful to some people I love in a time of great pain, and that always feels good.

Hopefully I'll have some new adventures along this different path.

We shall see.

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