Friday, May 3, 2013

It's that time

I have to write it. The obligatory post about how I haven't been writing. Every blogger writes it eventually.

I'm not really sure why I haven't been writing. I haven't been knitting either. Or exercising. Or advocating for gun safety. I've been volunteering at Boo's school and playing solitaire. Sometimes I go to work. Oh, and I've been reading the Percy Jackson books, which I heartily recommend.

My house is a mess. I feel fat. I'm getting the ache in my back that comes when I've been sitting around too much. I know what I ought to do. In fact, I swore that today would be the day I'd exercise. Yesterday, too.

But still...solitaire.

So maybe this is the first step off the couch. No, that can't be, I'm lying down.

Maybe this is what I have to do to get ready to move off the couch.

I'm creating something, even if that something is a whiny accounting of the things I've not been doing. Tomorrow, I have plans to spend the day with old friends in a favorite old stomping ground. That won't help with feeling fat, I'm sure, as there will be indulgences. But it will be active, and fun, and I hope that it will become another good memory that Hopper and Boo and I share with each other and with old friends.

And then I swear I'm going to clean the house.

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