Sunday, May 26, 2013

Live blogging my garden

The garden is being wrestled into submission, mostly by Hopper, but I helped some before I had to come in to rest. (Stupid stomach bug.) When he is done hacking down everything that needs to be hacked down, I will go out and decide where the new veggies will get to grow.

We already have some string beans growing that I planted with the edible mulch. I am, by the way, enjoying the edible mulch. It seems to be effective at keeping weeds at bay, and whenever we want salad I just go out and give the garden a haircut and we have a delightful, fresh bowl of baby greens.

I think a rose bush is going to bite it today. The previous owner of our house planted a lot of roses and they're lovely but they get in my way and tend to be pokey, so I think one (or maybe two) will have to go.

To be continued...

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