Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another VB6 Update

I've been on the VB6 diet since May 28th. That's 3 1/2 weeks. Already I've lost about a dress size. The weight around my middle that was worrying my mother is just about gone. I'd say I'm about where I was at the end of last summer.

I have never lost weight this quickly. And I've even been losing this week while I was on "staycation" with Boo, so I have been having quite a few treats.

It has been a bit difficult to keep to the diet this week, since I've been out and about quite a bit with Boo.  But on the whole, I've made it work. I had two desserts on Monday, but I shared one of them with my dad. On Tuesday I made a point of sticking strictly to the diet and having no treats. Wednesday I had pizza for lunch (though I had only one slice and a salad) and then an egg cream and some of Boo's ice cream for a snack.

Come to think of it, that's all the violating I did, which is not bad for someone on vacation.

Still, I'm really noticing the difference in my body. I keep surprising myself by putting my hand somewhere and finding there isn't as much fat there as there used to be. I'm no longer uncomfortable when I bend at the waist, and some of my newest clothes are getting too big (like my new bathing suit) and I'm able to squeeze into some older clothes that I hadn't dared to try on recently.

I'm not saying I looked great in the shorts I had on today, but I got them on, and that was a good thing since my sloppy shorts that always, always fit got a hole in them yesterday and I had to throw them out.

So I have to say I really like VB6 so far. Hopper has got the hang of grocery shopping, so we have enough fruits and veggies around. When I'm hungry, I have a glass of water and some fruit (between meals, I mean.) If I'm really hungry, I grab a handful of nuts. At meals I eat lots of veggies with nuts or beans or tofu. If it's a salad, I throw in some olives or avocado so that I get enough fat. At dinner, more of the same, with maybe some fish if I feel like it.

Thanks again, Mr. Bittman!

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  1. Great job!!! I'm proud of you for sticking with it , even on staycation!