Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mood swings

It seems I picked a really good time of year to become mostly a vegan. Summer fruit is coming in, the farmer's markets are opening, and salad is literally popping out of the ground. So far, I'm enjoying being mostly vegan. We'll see what happens.

I've also been having an easier time exercising lately. The pool is open, the weather is nice for taking Wonderdog on walks, and Boo wants me to spend my afternoons playing frisbee with her.

And all this healthy eating and activity is working--at my doctor's appointment on Friday I discovered that I've lost 5 pounds. At first, this was a nice surprise. I haven't noticed any differences in the way my clothes fit or the way my body feels (weight-wise.  I do feel pretty healthy since starting the new diet.) So I was expecting my weight to be about the same as it was the last time I was weighed, which was in March, or maybe a little more.

But then I started feeling resentful, and that surprised me. Shouldn't I feel vindicated? Since that doctor's appointment in March, I've been trying to eat more vegetables and to move more. In the month of May, I definitely started moving more and for the past week I've been mostly vegan. So shouldn't I feel vindicated? My plan is working!

Nope. I was pissed. Part of me doesn't want eating less and moving more to work. I guess if it didn't, then I could go back to eating more and lying around with a clear conscience. After all, if I can't do anything about my health, then I needn't try, right? Alas, this IS something I can control and so I'll have to keep at it.

Remember, though, this was Friday. Since then, I've been working at this VB6 diet. We did some shopping over the weekend and bought more fruits and veggies and more silken tofu. This morning I stopped at the market on the way to work and bought some grape tomatoes and a whole lot of nuts to keep in my office. I'll finish the tomatoes this week, and the nuts should last me at least through the summer. I actually enjoyed snacking all day on fruit and tomatoes today, and when I got a bit peckish in the afternoon, I had a handful of walnuts and then I felt fine.

I think this diet will be fairly easy to stick to for the rest of the growing season. The winter will be harder, but I can worry about that then. For now, I'm in veggie heaven.

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